TRTL Travel Pillow


  • Scientifically proven neck support pillow
  • Holds neck in ergonomic position during rest
  • Better than a traditional u-shaped memory foam travel pillow
  • Half the size of a travel pillow and weighs only 148 grams – travels easy
  • Easily attaches to luggage


The Trtl Travel Pillow helps you sleep when you travel. We’re engineers and we designed it with the help of chiropractors and physiotherapists so it’s really good for your neck. The patented Internal Support is scientifically proven to provide better ergonomic support than one of the standard u-shaped pillows. It packs small and it’s really light weighing less than half a pound (148 grams = 0.33lbs) so it’s really easy to carry when you’re travelling. It also looks like a scarf when you wear it so you feel snug and secure, it’s also more discrete than other pillows.


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